Wheelbarrow Safety

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Wheelbarrows don’t have any moving parts or sharp edges and are easy to use, but they can cause serious injuries. Anytime you balance a heavy load on a single wheel, you have to pay attention to what you’re doing.

Because there’s no top to a wheelbarrow, you may think you can keep loading it as long as the material doesn’t fall out, but overloading a wheelbarrow is a sure way to lose control of it. Use the following tips to stay safe while using a wheelbarrow:

  1. Make sure to only put in a wheelbarrow the amount of weight you can physically handle on a hill or when turning a corner.
  2. Make several trips for large loads. Don’t try to carry it all at once.
  3. When you raise and lower the handles of a wheelbarrow, treat them like any other heavy load you lift. Follow proper lifting techniques.
  4. Balance the load over the wheel for good control.
  5. Don’t move too quickly.
  6. Keep a tight grip on the handles.
  7. If you lose control of a wheelbarrow, let go of the handles and warn others.
  8. Avoid trying to move such things as planks with a wheelbarrow. Use a hand truck for long or awkward loads.
  9. Keep wheelbarrow wheels properly lubricated.
  10. Store wheelbarrows out of the way of aisles, stairways, and emergency equipment.

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