Using Headlights

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  1. Do not use high-beams when the car in front of you is lower to the ground than yours.
  2. Never use high-beams when there is heavy oncoming traffic.
  3. When approaching a sharp curve at night, do not accelerate, drive on the line in the center of the road, or keep your high-beams on.
  4. Use your headlights all the time, even when it is not pitch dark outside.
  5. If one of your headlights burns out, get it fixed; don’t just use your high beams until you find time to get it replaced.
  6. If you drive a vehicle that is significantly higher off the ground than most other cars, do not pull up to a stop sign/red light a foot to the left of the car in front. If you do, your headlights will reflect off the other car’s side view mirror and directly into the driver’s face.
  7. When you see one of those newer cars with the daytime lights on, do not flash your headlights several times to remind the other driver that his lights are on.
  8. When an oncoming driver flashes his high beams on and off to tell you that your high beams are on, pay attention and turn them off.
  9. When driving at night with a burned out headlight, don’t drive so that the working headlight is in the middle of the lane and to other drivers, you look like a motorcycle.

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