The Defensive Driver

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1. Knowledge

  • Know safe driving techniques
  • Know how to avoid collisions
  • Know the traffic law
  • Know how to maintain vehicles in a safe condition

2. Alertness

  • Alert to traffic conditions
  • Alert to mental and physical conditions that can affect driving
  • Alert to the current surroundings
  • Alert to the task of driving and give it all of their attention

3. Foresight

  • Know their worst enemy is the unexpected
  • Never assume the other driver will do the right thing
  • Size up the traffic conditions as far ahead as possible
  • Prepare for hazards, always wear a seatbelt

4. Judgement

  • Use common sense and knowledge to make decisions quickly and wisely
  • Resist temptations for risky driving
  • Pass only when it is safe
  • Courteous, even when others are not

5. Skill

  • Have the skills to properly operate the vehicle they are driving
  • Know the safe and legal way to drive
  • Can listen to their cars for sounds of trouble

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