Seat Belt Safety

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Buckle-Up—It’s the LAW

There’s no good excuse for not wearing a safety belt—it’s the LAW! Buckle up to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Don’t let these excuses keep you from buckling up:

1. The belts are uncomfortable:
New safety belt designs allow for total freedom of motion while driving.

2. It’s better to be thrown from a car than trapped in it:
Three out of four people who are thrown from their vehicle die. Being thrown around inside the car can kill or injure as well.

3. I only drive around town-I’m not at risk:
Most accidents happen within seven miles of home and 80 percent of all serious injuries and deaths happen at less than 40 MPH.

4. I’m a good driver. I won’t get in an accident:
Weather, road conditions, and other drivers can cause crashes as well.

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