Scaling Rock

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1. Examine roof

    • Fall of roof or rib
      • Examine roof and rib. Do not advance into areas that are unsafe. Do not advance beyond supported roof. Ensure reflectors are properly posted to warn of unsupported roof.
    • Struck by equipment
      • Equipment should be cleared from the area.
    • Falling rock
      • When sounding roof free hand against the roof.

2. Scale loose rock

    • Falling rock; slipping, falling or tripping
      • Use bar of adequate length to pull rock so you can stay clear.
      • Hold bar upward so hands and fingers will not be caught. Use steady controlled force on bar.
      • Select firm footing, maintain good balance and pull at rock with steady controlled pressure. Keep firm grip on slate bar and do not gouge at rock with bar. Avoid slick spots and keep work area free of tripping hazards.
    • Overexertion while pulling or moving rock
      • Get help if needed, or break material to be handled.

*Information taken from Job Safety Analysis Underground Manual, Office of Mine Safety and Licensing.

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