Preventing Fires and Explosions in Spray Booth Operations

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Fires and explosions are among the principal hazards which can result from improper operation and maintenance of spray booths. Contributing factors include:

  • Insufficient operation and maintenance of the exhaust systems
  • Excessive accumulations of particulate and over-spray
  • Chemical imbalance
  • Improper operation of the burner
  • Improper filter maintenance.

Forbidden Spray Booth Acts

The following actions must be avoided:

  • Mixing, preparing and/or storing any solvents inside the spray booth
  • Storing any solvent soiled rags, cardboard, or other debris inside the spray booth
  • Storing solvent containers (even empty containers) inside the spray booth
  • Storing any flammable substance such as aerosol spray cans
  • Storing or consuming any food or drink items
  • Smoking tobacco
  • Using any sparking tool such as a grinder, torch, or welder
  • Using electrical device
  • Wearing clothing that has been soiled or spotted with paints/solvents.

Spray Booth Precautions

  • Replace the filters as soon as recommended by the manufacturer. Excessive clogging of filters can decrease airflow and allow particulate to harden and fall onto the painted surface
  • Regularly clean and maintain all parts that are subject to wear
  • Clean ductwork based on the manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Maintain tools and accessories, such as air compressors,  per the manufactures recommendations
  • Develop a housekeeping and maintenance schedule
  • Only allow trained persons to operate and perform maintenance on spray booths.

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