Power-Take-Off (PTO) Safety

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The power-take-off (PTO) allows a farmer to harness the power of the tractor engine to drive a variety of machines. The PTO is just as important today as it was when it was first introduced.  It is important to have a healthy respect for the PTO driveline’s potential for causing injury or death.

  • Keep all PTO shielding (including the master shield) in place.
  • Repair or replace damaged or missing shields.
  • Stay safely away from unshielded moving parts.
  • Watch your step when walking or working around a running machine.
  • Wear work clothing with no loose ends or strings to catch on or be caught by machinery.
  • Keep long hair under a cap or tied back to prevent it from being caught by the machinery.
  • Keep children and non-workers out of the danger zone.
  • Stop the PTO when dismounting from the tractor.


  • Is the PTO shaft shielded?
  • Is the master shield in place?
  • Is the stub shaft shield available and in use when the PTO is not in operation?
  • Is the PTO shielding damaged?
  • Is the PTO shaft shield working properly?
  • Are all workers wearing proper clothing?
  • Is long hair tied back or under a cap?

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