Electrical Breaker Box Safety

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All facilities, buildings, jobsites, and even your home has an electrical breaker box. Most of us don’t even pay attention to them until our power goes out or that appliance we are using stops working.

Here are some basic safety considerations for electrical breaker boxes:

  • Make sure electrical breaker boxes are accessible at all times. Boxes need to be accessible in case of emergency or quick shutoff.
  • Do not store items in electrical rooms and on the floor in front of electrical breaker boxes.
  • Give a 3-foot clearance around the breaker box at all times for access.
  • Guards and barriers may need to be put in place, so equipment and material cannot accidentally come in contact with the breaker boxes.
  • Breaker boxes should be covered, and doors should be closed.
  • The cover or door should not be locked unless it is part of the lockout procedure when maintenance is being conducted.
  • There should be no missing breakers in the panel box that would allow you to come in contact with the “energized” bus bar. Knockouts should be put in place.
  • Electrical tape or any tape should not cover a breaker. The breaker should never be secured in the open position.
  • Label all breakers on the inside cover of the breaker box. This lets you know what breaker controls a certain area of your facility or house.

Only trained personnel should work with or on electrical breaker boxes.

Storage in Electrical Closet

Missing Knockouts

No Cover and door is open

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