Common Causes of Injury in the Oil and Gas Industry – Motor Vehicle Incidents

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Traffic incidents are the number one cause of fatalities in the oil and gas industry. Most of these incidents occur on public roads. Ensure that workers are aware of these hazards and exercise caution when traveling, which often occurs at night, or in bad weather, with heavy loads, on secondary roads, and when a worker is fatigued.

Major contributors to preventable incidents and fatalities are:

  • Not wearing seat belts
  • Distractions such as texting and phone calls
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Driving Safety

Have you ever thought about what part of your day is the most dangerous?  The first thought that may come to mind is a condition or procedure that we experience while doing our jobs.  We have many safety meetings about how to do our jobs safely, all of which are vital and very necessary.

We are programmed to think about safety while at work.  Safety should indeed be on our mind every moment while we are at work, but today let’s think outside the box and talk about something different.

According to the National Safety Council’s statistics, there are thousands upon thousands of fatalities on our nation’s highways each year, an estimate of 35,000 to 40,000 people dies each year in motor vehicle accidents.

I wonder how many of these accidents occur because the people involved were running late and trying to make it to work on time.  How many occurred after work, when in a hurry to get home? How many were distracted by their cell phones? How many were in the winter on icy roads? Or how many could’ve been prevented by simply wearing a seatbelt?

Safety should be on your mind from the very start of each day.  Instead of driving fast to the worksite, allow yourself extra time to get there, without rushing.  There’s no doubt that this practice alone would have prevented many of those fatalities.  Always drive in a safe manner when roads are icy or wet.  When driving, slow down and be considerate of other drivers. Never operate a vehicle or equipment under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Driving to and from the worksite is indeed one of the most dangerous tasks we will perform each day, so please drive carefully, give your full attention to the task at hand, allow more time to get to your destination, and slow down.


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