Beginning and Ending the School Year Safely

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Teachers and other school personnel may encounter potentially hazardous situations when preparing their schools and classrooms at the beginning of the school year or when cleaning out their schools and classrooms when the school year ends. What can be done to prevent injuries?

Here are a few tips to promote safety:

  • Do not use a chair or other object as a ladder. You should never access heights by standing on a chair or other object.
  • Carry only what you can safely handle and lift with your legs, not your back.
  • Carry loads with both hands and watch where you are going.
  • Do not obstruct your vision with the load you are carrying.
  • Use carts or dollies to handle heavy materials.
  • If you think it is too heavy, it is too heavy. Ask for help.
  • Use caution when using cleaning products.
  • Wear skid-resistant shoes to prevent slipping.
  • Be aware of trip hazards, such as open desk drawers, extension cords, stacked items, etc.

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