Building Evacuation Drills

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  • To familiarize staff with fire alarm and evacuation routes.
  • To evaluate the accounting process for all personnel known to be in the building.
  • To evaluate staff response to an alarm.


  • Select a convenient time and date:
    • Avoid scheduling drills during planned activities that cannot be disrupted (i.e., conferences, large training classes, etc). Reschedule drills if the weather is unacceptable.
  • If necessary, obtain advance permission from the building manager.
  • Notify Maintenance – inquire about any other emergency systems testing that may conflict with your scheduled drill.
  • Recruit monitors from other buildings as needed.
  • Assign tasks to individuals:
    • Sound the alarm;
    • Check that rooms are clear;
    • Record time for last person out;
    • Evaluate the accountability process; and
    • Stand next to remote fire alarm panels to sound the alarm.


  • Assemble the monitors and discuss the details of the drill.
  • Initiate the fire alarm system as directed by maintenance and start the stopwatch.
  • Check that runners do their job and all rooms are clear.
  • Check that the alarm can be heard in all locations.
  • Monitor the accountability process and time the last person out.
  • Monitor at remote fire alarm panel and advise responders that it is a drill.
  • Observe that no one re-enters the building until authorized.
  • Silence the alarm when the building is checked and clear.
  • Secure the drill and let staff enter the building.

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