Grinder Safety

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Before you begin…

  • Is the grinder securely mounted to the bench or is the pedestal grinder on a steady surface?
  • Is the grinding wheel securely mounted on the machine?
  • Is the wheel the right size and speed for the machine?
  • Is the cover to the power transmission motor securely in place?
  • Are you using the right type of wheel for the job?
  • The grinder should be connected to a working exhaust system.
  • Work rests should be adjusted properly. They should be slightly below the center of the wheel and within an eighth of an inch of the wheel.
  • Tongue guards should be adjusted properly to within 1/4 -inch of the wheel.

Preventing injuries:

  • Make sure the work area is adequately lit.
  • Use guards that enclose most of the wheel surface.
  • Store new wheels carefully in a dry area close to the grinding operation to avoid damaging them.
  • Never use a wheel that is damaged or defective.
  • All operators should be properly trained prior to operating.
  • After mounting a wheel or brush and replacing the guard, stand to one side and allow the grinder to run for a minute to insure wheel safety.
  • Wait until the grinder has come to full speed before you begin using it.
  • Avoid loose hair, scarves, ties, etc. while operating.
  • Never leave equipment running unattended.
  • Do not hold workpiece with gloves, cloth, or apron.
  • Do not hold small objects by hand.

Look out for these hazards:

  • Hand injuries as a result of trying to adjust the wheel or rests while wheel is in motion.
  • Eye injuries from particles of metal loosened during operation or from a wheel disintegrating due to defectiveness or excessive speed.

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