Flatbed Tarping Safety

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Climbing the load:

  • If possible, have a forklift place the tarp on the load
  • Use a ladder to access the load

Ladder safety:

  • Inspect the side rails and rungs
  • Make sure the ladder has solid footing
  • Extend the ladder 3 feet above the load
  • Keep 3 points of contact

Carefully unfold the tarp:

  • Position the tarp on the back of the load
  • Never walk backward
  • Watch for holes and uneven sections in the load
  • Work from your hands and knees near load edges
  • Carefully unfold the tarp and drop over the sides
  • Fasten rear folds from the top of the load

Fastening the tarp:

  • Wear safety glasses
  • Use bungee straps to help hold the tarp
  • Pull bungee straps away from your body/face
  • Keep fingers away from pinch points
  • Turn strap hooks away from the tarp

Removing the tarp:

  • Grab one corner and raise it quickly to get air under the tarp
  • Use a steady, balanced tug and pull
  • Get the tarp neat, flat and square to make it easier to fold
  • Work smart- drag the tarp to the storage area.

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