Defensive Driving Tips

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Drive At An Appropriate Speed, Not Warp Nine
Plan ahead and allow enough time to get where you are going at the posted speed limit!

Traffic Signs, What Traffic Signs?
Many drivers think those message boards along the side of the road that say things like “Stop” and “Yield” don’t apply to them.

Traffic Lights – No, this not a Drag Race
Don’t worry if the guy in the car next to you gets through the intersection before you. If your car is slower than his, wait for the light to turn green. Don’t invite trouble by trying to run a race!

The Turn Signal – Don’t Keep ’em Guessing
Use your turn signal every time you are making a turn.

SUV Good, Humvee Better, Monster Truck Best
The size of your vehicle should not matter on the road. The rules of the road apply to everyone. Don’t think that having four-wheel-drive is a license to completely ignore weather and road conditions. Remember you really need to be able to stop, or see, even if you have a bigger bumper than the vehicle in front of you.

Don’t Misuse Travel Time
Travel time should be used for just that….travel. Don’t engage in tasks that may take your eyes off the road or adversely impact your reaction.


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