Cargo Security

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What’s so important about securing freight?
Many truck drivers have been killed or seriously injured by improperly secured cargo moving forward and crushing the cab of the truck. The safety of other motorists is also a concern. If your family or friends were riding in a car beside your truck, would you feel confident that nothing would fall off and harm them?

Regardless of who actually loads the trailer, the driver is the person responsible for ensuring that the load is properly secured and road-ready. If freight is not properly secured, it could shift and cause the vehicle to roll over.

Driver factors that contribute to rollovers:

  • Entering a curve at excessive speed
  • Not being aware of tractor-trailer limitation
  • Not anticipating the sharpness of a curve
  • Steering truck onto the soft shoulder
  • Drifting off the road and abruptly counter steering
  • Failing to comply with speed advisory
  • Accelerating through a curve
  • Inexperienced drivers transporting high center of gravity loads
  • Steering abruptly, perhaps during avoidance maneuvers
  • Being impaired by fatigue, drowsiness, alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Being reckless, angry, emotional, or otherwise upset

Vehicle factors to consider:

  • Top-heavy load
  • Collapsed suspension
  • Under-inflated tires
  • Vehicle and axle weights
  • Fifth wheel lubrication
  • Poor brake performance
  • Cargo distribution
  • Load shift

Accidents resulting from damaged or missing cargo result in $200 million in lost revenue each year. More importantly, however, an unsecured, falling, and shifting freight can cause serious injuries.

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