What is a near-miss? A near-miss is an event or situation that had the potential to (but did not) result in an injury. Examples would be; tripping or falling over cluttered walkways, almost being struck by objects or being struck without injury, or a too close for comfort equipment event. In all reality, a near-miss is an injury that did not happen.

Near-misses are free safety lessons. An injury, on the other hand, is a lesson that the injured employee paid for with loss time and medical treatment. We cannot obtain this priceless, free safety lesson if the near-misses are not reported. Report all near-misses, regardless of how minute it may seem. By doing this, action can be taken to prevent a simple near-miss from becoming an injury.

How do I report a near-miss? If the near-miss involves equipment failure or immediate danger to others, let your supervisor know as soon as possible. By doing this the exposure that caused the near-miss can be dealt with immediately.

The longer you wait, the more others are exposed to the same risk. The bottom line is that this is much-needed information. Armed with this information, all workplaces have a better chance of preventing injuries.

Do your part in accident prevention. Turning in a near-miss is something everyone can do. Safety is everyone’s responsibility!


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