How to Coordinate a Health Fair

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Choose a date & time
Choose a date you think would be most successful for participation of your employees. Take into consideration possible vacation requests, holidays, etc.

Choose a location
Consider an open space where tables or equipment from vendors could be set up if needed.

Brainstorm a list of possible vendors
Try to include different aspects of wellness beneficial to your employees. Examples include: gym representatives, physical therapists, dentists, dermatologists, weight loss consultants, allergists, nutritionists.

Contact vendors

When you contact vendors, make sure to provide them with the essential information of your event via phone or email. Be sure to confirm with them prior to the event and ask if they will need any special accommodations or equipment.

Promote your event to your employees

Hang posters, send emails, and provide incentives for attendance. Consider inviting spouses of employees as well.

Health Fair Day

Allow your vendors to arrive early enough for set up and be available for questions or last minute needs. Depending on how long your vendors will be working your health fair, consider providing light refreshments for them.

Thank You Notes

Don’t forget to send thank you notes to participating vendors shortly after the event.

Ask for Feedback

If you plan on hosting an annual health fair or another one in the future, send an email or place a phone call to your vendors asking them for feedback on how you can improve your next health fair. Also ask your employees for feedback to find out how you can make it better for them.

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