Fall Rescue Plan

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What do you do if someone falls and becomes suspended toward the top of a tower? Would you know how to get that person down? A good fall rescue plan helps everyone understand what to do before a fall.

Following are some important components of a fall rescue plan.

  • Gain an understanding of the physical environment you will be working in.
  • Determine the proximity of a professional rescue team.
  • Determine if 911 works from the area where you would be calling.
  • Determine approximate response time for 911 responders.
  • Understand the type of rescue that may be necessary (lowering a victim from a ladder, platform or manbasket).
  • Determine who is trained to do the rescue.
  • Decide if the rescuers will be on-site or stand-by. If stand-by, determine the response time.
  • Perform a job safety analysis of the rescue
    • Is the victim clear of obstructions when lowered?
    • Does the lifeline deploy correctly?
    • Is the lifeline long enough?
    • Can you see the victim throughout the entire rescue operation?

In addition to having a plan, it is also important to have the correct rescue equipment and supplies on site and ready to use.

  • Rescue devices that can raise or lower a victim, such as a controlled rate descent device.
  • Ropes and lifelines rated for rescue and evacuation.
  • Rolling edge protectors or Velcro edge protectors to protect the rope from sharp edges and abrasion.
  • Designated anchor points for rescue equipment (rated at least 3100 pounds).
  • Anchor straps and carabiners for making an anchor point when one is not available or convenient.
  • First aid kit and defibrillator.


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