Emergency Eyewash and Shower Stations

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If you should get a foreign body in the eye or have a chemical splash on your skin, face, or clothing, an eyewash station or deluge shower is the most important initial step in first-aid treatment.

Eyewash Stations/Deluge Showers are required if:

  • The SDS for a chemical in use indicates that the chemical is caustic, corrosive, or toxic;
  • The SDS states that serious eye damage can result;
  • Container labels have warnings such as “causes chemical burns” or “causes permanent eye damage”.

Eyewash/Shower stations must have:

  • Clean, pure water;
  • Constant water flow for a full 15 minutes;
  • Hands-free operation, i.e., a foot pedal;
  • Highly visible markings and signs;
  • Unobstructed access.

Train in the proper use in ADVANCE of exposure.

  • Immediately after exposure, flood the eye with water, using the fingers to keep the eyelids open as wide as possible.
  • Roll the eyeball as much as possible.
  • Do not put anything into the eyes except water.
  • Irrigate the eyes for at least 15 minutes.
  • Transport to medical facility immediately.
  • Continue flushing during transport with portable eyewash equipment or water bottles.

Ensure equipment is functional and clean.

  • In accordance with KY OSHA test equipment monthly to ensure it functions adequately and has proper rate of flow.
  • Ensure equipment is sanitary.
  • Include eyewash/shower stations in your regularly scheduled facility inspections.

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