Delivery Driver Safety Tips

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Delivery drivers may face hazards while performing their duties away from the warehouse or store.  Risks associated with city driving, extreme weather conditions, and driver fatigue are a few such hazards. A disturbing trend that appears to be increasing in frequency across the United States is robbery of delivery drivers. The following tips may assist delivery drivers in avoiding such an incident:

  • When taking orders, ask for a “call-back” number, and then verify the number is accurate.
  • If a delivery address appears to be vacant, remain in your vehicle and leave the area immediately. The following may be indicators that an address is vacant: signs of neglect, several newspapers in the driveway, unkempt lawn, collection of trash, lack of illuminated interior lights, etc.
  • When pulling up to a residence that is not well lit, phone the call-back number and ask that lights be turned on.
  • Remain aware of surroundings at all times.

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