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Daven Hoskins | Senior Safety Specialist

Email: dhoskins@kemi.com  Mobile606-273-7202

Daven Hoskins started working in the coal business in 1979 as a continuous miner helper. After working as a continuous miner operator and underground section foreman, he was promoted to mine superintendent over more than 100 underground employees and three underground mines. He worked in this position until April of 1995.

Under Daven’s leadership, the Harlan Fuel Company #19 Mine received the Joseph A. Holmes Safety Association Award for working 100,903 work hours without a fatality or permanent total disability. As a result, Daven was encouraged by the Department of Mines & Minerals to take the state mine inspector exam for certification as a state mine inspector.

Between April 1995 and October 2005, Daven worked for the Department of Mines and Minerals as an underground mine safety analyst, underground mine inspector and roof control specialist for the Harlan County District Office. He was a member of the accident investigation team and member/trainer of the Harlan District mine rescue team. In addition, he was responsible for the upkeep and care of the Harlan District Mine Rescue Station and the certified benchman responsible for the proper maintenance of the BG-4 breathing apparatuses used by the Harlan District mine rescue team.

Daven has served as co-coordinator for all state pre-shift contests and participated as a judge in all Kentucky Mine Rescue contests as well as some out-of-state contests. Other certifications include emergency medical technician and mine emergency technician.

He joined KEMI in August 2005 as a Client Services Field Representative and works primarily with coal-related businesses.

“My broad experience in the coal industry has helped the staff at KEMI better understand the procedures and conditions encountered during underground mining. More importantly, each day I have the opportunity to establish and improve relationships with our policyholders by assisting them in promoting safety to our hard working coal miners.”